World Cup soccer jerseys
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World Cup soccer jerseys

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World Cup soccer jerseys

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner. The tournament will kick off on November 20, with hosts Qatar facing Ecuador. Each country has home and away World Cup soccer jerseys for the tournament.

Here is the content list:

  • About World Cup soccer jerseys

  • What are the forms of group clothing customization?

About World Cup soccer jerseys

Designing international soccer uniforms is not an easy task, the uniforms not only represent the identity of the team, but part of it also includes the cultural history of the country past and present.

Months are spent researching and designing the World Cup soccer jerseys, while how the shorts and socks should be styled and what the World Cup soccer jerseys should represent are all headaches for the manufacturer. Some countries use the colors of their flag, but others use colors that have historical, political, or geographical significance.

International uniform design expert John Devlin once said, "If you want to create a great uniform design, you have to incorporate the cultural traditions of the country, and secondly, the uniform design is representative of an era. To put it another way, it should be presented in a form that speaks the language of the era. "

What are the forms of group clothing customization?

  1. Customized group wear: uniform style and color

    We all know that the most important thing about a custom World Cup soccer jersey is unity, and this is the choice of most teams, which can establish a good external image for them. This is the most widely used form of group clothing customization. Printing the same pattern and logo on the group clothing can also enhance the overall image of the company. The most important thing is to effectively reduce the cost of clothing customization.

  2. Customized group clothing: same style, different patterns

    Young people pay more attention to personalization. Some companies are also looking for personalization. They are seeking neatness and uniformity while also seeking differences. With different styles of the same model, this form of group clothing customization is very popular among young people, who prefer to pursue the expression of individuality in a trendy and flourishing team. Therefore, instead of choosing the same group of clothes for team clothing customization, they choose the same custom style but different patterns for each person. This form of POD soccer jerseys will be more expensive and suitable for high-end teams with a smaller number of people.

  3. Customized group clothing: same style, different colors

    For large teams, group clothes sometimes play a role in identification. Different colors distinguish different departments, making the team more beautiful and standardized. The same style and different colors are more suitable for the needs of a large team.

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