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What is the Best Fabric to Use for a Custom Basketball Jersey?

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What is the Best Fabric to Use for a Custom Basketball Jersey?

Basketball is a sport that involves more upper-body contact than lower-body contact, which is limited to the hips. In terms of its characteristics, it is a sport with a high degree of confrontation, stretch, and movement. Based on these characteristics, it is possible to derive the characteristics needed for the fabric of a custom basketball jersey.

Here is the content list:

l A stretch must be good

l Good moisture absorption

l Strong color fastness

l Adapt to high-intensity sports

A stretch must be good

A customized basketball jersey must have good elasticity and resistance to tearing. In addition, the custom basketball jersey must be wrinkle-resistant. In such an intensely confrontational game, the amount of energy an athlete explodes with is unimaginable. A foul shot will likely be followed by a shirt-ripping rant, which would be embarrassing if the custom basketball jerseys were not of good quality. And like some shooters looking for an open shot, it's not easy, sometimes having to go through several blocks to get in that open shot, so the stretch of thecustom basketball jerseyhas to be good.

Good moisture absorption

A custom basketball jersey has to be able to absorb moisture well. Although the gym is air-conditioned, every shot is physically demanding and involves sweat, and it doesn't feel good to leave sweat on your body. While a snug-fitting wicking vest can be worn inside, the same custom basketball jerseyfabric should also be wicking and breathable. This will provide the player with a comfortable workout.

Strong color fastness

The color fastness of a custom basketball jersey should be strong. The colors of the players' jerseys are usually customized by the home team and agreed upon with the sponsor. Sponsors are mainly interested in selling sports equipment to make a profit. Therefore, custom basketball jerseysmust-have features that do not fade easily. Otherwise, people will think they are "money launderers" if they spend so much money and the color fades after a few washes.

Adapt to high-intensity sports

Basketball is a fierce game and requires continuous changes of direction and quick starts and stops. If you're wearing long jersey and trousers, a custom basketball jersey will restrict your arms and legs, so you'll need a professional custom basketball jersey. The criteria for a custom-made basketball jersey are that it is light, comfortable, breathable, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying to cope with the intensity of the game and the heat. Also, custom basketball jerseys vests and shorts should be loose fitting as the range of motion in basketball can be somewhat large.

In summary, custom basketball jerseys can be made from fabric with cotton to create a mesh-type fabric. We want to keep our buyers updated on promotions and new arrivals to our wholesale store. sign up for our newsletters and push Sign up for our newsletters and push notifications to stay up to date on what's going on in the industry and within our store. 's amazing deals and brand-new products ever again!

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