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What Should Look for when Choosing A Custom Basketball Uniform?

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What Should Look for when Choosing A Custom Basketball Uniform?

There are three types of custom basketball uniformson the market at present: synthetic fabrics, warp-knitted fabrics, and cotton fabrics. Synthetic fabric is a fashionable fabric in recent years and is widely used in the school uniform customization industry because of its unique style, variety of colors, ease to wash and drying, ease to take care of, etc. Warp-knitted fabrics are also widely used and are popular with sports enthusiasts for their elasticity, comfort, slip, flexibility, and fit. Cotton fabrics have the advantages of being soft to the touch, sweat-absorbing, and have a wide range of colors, making them suitable for making custom basketball uniforms for sports types. So, what characteristics of fabric should be used when buying custom basketball uniforms?

Here is the content list:

l Moisture absorption

l Moisture retention

l Heat resistance

l Alkali resistance

l Hygiene

Moisture absorption

Cotton fibers have good moisture absorption properties. Under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so in contact with human skin, people feel custom basketball jerseysare soft and not stiff. If the humidity of the cotton increases and the surrounding temperature is high, all the moisture in the fibers will evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric maintains a state of moisture balance, making people feel custom basketball jerseys comfortable in the skin.

Moisture retention

As cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, its thermal conductivity is extremely low. Moreover, because cotton fibers themselves have the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can accumulate between the fibers. Because air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, cotton fiber textiles have good moisture retention and people will even feel warm in theircustom basketball jerseys.

Heat resistance

Cotton fabrics are heat resistant. When the temperature is below 110°C, it will only make the moisture on the fabric evaporate and will not damage the fibers. Therefore, the wearing, using, washing, and printing of custom basketball jerseys at room temperature do not affect custom basketball jerseys. So, this also improves the washability and take-up performance of the custom basketball jerseys.

Alkali resistance

Cotton fibers are highly resistant to alkalis. The fibers will not be damaged in alkaline solutions. This property facilitates the washing and disinfection of dirt, as well as the removal of impurities. It is also possible to dye, print and process custom basketball jerseysto produce more new varieties of cotton.


Cotton fiber is a natural fiber. Its main component is cellulose, with small amounts of waxy substances, nitrogenous substances, and pectin. Through various tests and practices, custom basketball jerseys have no irritation or negative effects when in contact with the skin. The core of garment production is fabric. We offer materials specializing in the production of sportswear in various grammages such as moisture-wicking functional fabrics, all polyester, all cotton, CVC, T/C, stretched fabrics, plain fabrics, beaded ground fabrics, and waterproof fabrics.

The core of our clothing production is the fabric. We offer a wide range of fabrics for the professional production of custom basketball jerseys: moisture-wicking functional fabric, all polyester, cotton, and waterproof fabric. We are also constantly upgrading our fabrics and accessories. We warmly welcome all sporting goods shops, event organizations, event operating companies, sports organizations, domestic and international trading companies, factories, schools, and unit groups to visit, visit and exchange with our company.







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