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The meaning of the jersey number and the new 2022 jerseys

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The meaning of the jersey number and the new 2022 jerseys

Opinions on World Cup soccer jerseys vary from person to person, and Doug Bierton, the founder of the classic jersey website, has said, "It's a subjective thing, and it's beautiful for some fans, but for non-fans, it can be a sought-after jersey." While there is a subjective element to it, over time, the good and bad of a World Cup soccer jersey can become a symbol of its time.

Here is the content list:

  • The meaning of jersey numbers

  • 2022 has a new jersey

The meaning of jersey numbers

In the earliest days, soccer numbers were arranged by position, with the goalkeeper being number 1, The backline starting from 2 down from left to right, the midfield from left to right down, and the center forward from left to right down. This is the earliest and most primitive way to arrange numbers. Next, the substitutes' numbers are reversed, starting with the forwards and then going all the way to the goalkeepers. If you take a closer look at the teams now, there are quite a few teams that still adhere to this principle to a greater or lesser extent. If a number 7 right winger leaves, the right winger who comes in is still a number 7, even if it changes hands again, it's still a right-winger. Manchester United fans know this well. If the authority and centripetal force of the manager in a club team or national team is big enough for the players to have no objection, then the number of World Cup soccer jerseys is assigned by the coach. Next, it is the starter who picks the number first, and in a sense, it is the player's influence that determines his shirt number. Lastly, there is negotiation. Of these three points, the second is the most complicated. A player's influence includes a player's age, skill, league performance, number of national team appearances (actually, seniority), national team performance, how highly valued he is by the manager, popularity within the team, and so on. These combined factors determine whether or not a player can get the number he or she wants.

2022 has a new jersey

Costa Rica

Two of the more understated kits Costa Rica will showcase in Qatar, its new home and away kits inspired by the national flag.

Simple and elegant.


Croatia's home World Cup soccer jerseys are usually painted all over with large red squares, but for the 2022 World Cup, designers have reduced the size of the squares and removed some from the front of the jersey. It's a small change, but it makes the kit look more stylish than ever.

According to the designers, Croatia's new away shirt is inspired by "the ebb and flow of the Croatian Adriatic coastline".


Ecuador's new home World Cup soccer jersey is just what you'd expect - yellow with subtle blue and red trim.

Compared to previous efforts, however, its new away jersey is new and bold. The geometric pattern on the front, inspired by the Incas, is beautiful.

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