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Service Process of Print on Demand Uniforms

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Service Process of Print on Demand Uniforms

Customization is that you provide us the pattern you want to print on demand uniforms, and we have a designer who will determine which part and which position can be used for which process according to the pattern you give.

Customized group uniformss, T company's customized service process is clear and orderly:

After the online customer service has a preliminary understanding of your customized category, number of pieces, and estimated usage time, it will assign a customized consultant for you to provide services.

Consultants recommend suitable styles for you according to your usage scenarios and budget. Product samples can be arranged if necessary.

Due to the customized craftsmanship and price, it needs to be judged in combination with the size of the pattern and the number of colors.

Clients should try their best to provide source files or materials for artwork. Only after the consultant arranges the layout design can the process plan be determined and an accurate quotation be provided.

After the customer confirms the renderings, the consultant will provide the process plan and the quotation under the corresponding number of pieces (the number of customized pieces affects the ladder pricing and process price, so the price is based on the final order quantity).

After the customer confirms the quotation, provide the size, quantity and address.

If there are other special needs such as blank packaging, removal of hang tags, and delivery by address, please also inform CJ POD.

CJ POD provides a complete customized contract template for both parties to confirm the content.

The client reconfirms the customized list, and the consultant assists the client to pay (multiple payment methods are supported).

Ordering and production will be counted from the next day of order payment, and regular orders will be shipped within 5-7 days.







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