Introduction to the Design of the Mainstream Team Jerseys for the 2022 World Cup
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Introduction to the Design of the Mainstream Team Jerseys for the 2022 World Cup

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Introduction to the Design of the Mainstream Team Jerseys for the 2022 World Cup

How time flies! Four years passed in a flash. At 0:00 on November 21, 2022, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will begin. The first match will be held between the host Qatar and Ecuador, and will be held in the Gulf Stadium, which can accommodate 60000 people. At that time, seven different national teams will match the Edida jersey with the jersey made in their own country.

In the upcoming 2022 World Cup, 32 countries including Japan, Germany, Argentina and Brazil will participate in the World Cup periphery. There is no doubt that these top games will attract the attention of hundreds of millions of fans. The fans have been discussing the shirts of the two teams. As a football fan of a team, it is absolutely exciting to sit in front of the TV and watch the game in his team's jersey.

Argentina's shirt is considered to be the shirt of many people, because the World Cup periphery is the most harmonious color match among all jerseys. Because of the use of blue and white stripes, the elements of the Argentine flag are also included. On the left side of the chest, there is gold embroidery representing the Argentina team logo. The whole shirt looks fresh. This kind of sky blue and pure white sword stripes and other clothes give a good visual impression. I believe many people will buy them. In the upcoming 2022 World Cup, Germany's home and away team uniforms are derived from the racing culture. There is a big black stripe on the front of this jersey, which looks like a racing track. The gold team emblem represents Germany's numerous achievements in the World Cup, while the white pattern is a quick and strong impact.

Other parts of the World Cup periphery, such as the collar, shoulders and both sides of the shirt, are all the colors of the Spanish flag. Combined with the professional team logo design, the simple beauty of Spanish people's enthusiasm for football can be described as perfect. Mexico, the main team of the US team, looks energetic in the green uniform. There are red lines on both sides of the shoulder and waist of the jersey for decoration, so that the clothes have a good sense of contrast and are very eye-catching. The Mexican team is mainly green, with the design of Aeolus serpent pterosaur painted on its chest. It is believed that with the help of the God of Life, the Mexican team can go further in the upcoming 2022 World Cup. The World Cup is not only a game of sportsmanship and football skills, but also an important opportunity for cultural exchanges between countries. It is the most happy thing for fans to understand the cultures and customs of different countries and achieve cultural integration in such a grand event.

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