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How to Choose the Material for My Printed Basketball Jersey?

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How to Choose the Material for My Printed Basketball Jersey?

The clothing worn by athletes when playing basketball generally consists of a vest on top and shorts on the bottom. Both are the same color and have a sweat-absorbing function. Printed basketball jerseys generally use fabrics with good breathability and hydrophobicity, which do not interfere with the player's physical activity, are less prone to static electricity, and are light in weight. Well-printed basketball jerseys help athletes to improve their performance. The most famous basketball jersey is the Jordan Bull's number 23 jersey. So how should you choose a printed basketball jerseywith a printed number material? Here are a few of the print options available.

Here is the content list:

l Silkscreen

l Heat transfer printing

l Offset stamping


Screen printing is the traditional printing process for printed basketball jerseys. The process is simple and easy to operate at a low cost. Printing materials are water-based and oil-based glues. Oil-based glues have a high odor and are rarely used, so mainly water-based glues are used to print. The water-based paste is easy to dry and has a low odor. In terms of washing: the use of washing powder and sun exposure is more likely to make the printed basketball jerseysburst and fall off, although the printing cost is relatively low the disadvantages are also more serious.

Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is also known as heat sublimation transfer printing. First, use special ink and a special printer to print graphics on special paper. It is then transferred to white or light-colored fabric or printed basketball jerseys using a high-temperature iron-on machine. This type of printing is a new trendy digital transfer printing process. The finished product is bright and colorful with strong colors and will not fade with very strong laundry detergent soaks and sun exposure printed basketball jerseys, which can be called a never fading print.

Offset stamping

Offset stamping is also a new type of transfer process, also known as hot stamping pad printing. This process is also divided into several types of material, there are high elasticity adhesive paste, PU material, offset stamping, and lettering film transfer. The better of these materials is PU material. However, the use of laundry detergent and sun exposure can easily make the printed basketball jerseys burst and fall off, so there is not the best.

All good products will be available nowadays, and all products are constantly reforming. Now there is a new kind of offset printing number that does not peel or peel or burst or deform. You can find it in some of the big authoritative wholesale buy printed basketball jerseysplatforms. This kind of offset number can be casually brushed, washed in the washing machine, soaked in stronger laundry detergent, and exposed to the sun, without having to worry about scrubbing the front and even the back.

Finally, offset printing numbers have many advantages and are very compatible withprinted basketball jerseys fabrics and fabric colors. No matter what fabric and color can be stamped. You can avoid the bursting and peeling of printed basketball jersey numbers by choosing offset numbers that are made of new materials that do not peel or peel.

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