Different countries' jerseys and our customized service
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Different countries' jerseys and our customized service

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Different countries' jerseys and our customized service

Time flies! Four years have flown by and on 21 November 2022 at 00:00, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will begin. The first match will be between hosts Qatar and Ecuador and will take place in the 60,000-capacity Gulf Stadium. Different national teams will then compete wearing their World Cup football jerseys.

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  • Different countries' kits

  • We offer a bespoke service

Different countries' kits

At the upcoming 2022 World Cup, 32 countries, including Japan, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil, will take part in the World Cup outings. There is no doubt that these top games will attract the attention of hundreds of millions of fans. Fans have been discussing the World Cup football jerseys of both teams. As a fan of one team, it is exciting to sit in front of the TV and watch the games in your team's jersey.

Argentina's jersey is considered to be a great World Cup football jersey as it is the most harmonious color scheme of all the jerseys. Thanks to the use of blue and white stripes, elements of the Argentine flag are also incorporated. The left side of the chest has gold embroidery representing the Argentine team crest. The whole shirt looks fresh. Garments such as this sky blue and pure white sword print give a great visual impression. I am sure many people will buy it. For the upcoming 2022 World Cup, Germany's home and away uniforms are derived from the racing culture. This jersey has a large black stripe on the front that looks like a race track. The gold team crest represents Germany's numerous achievements at the World Cup, while the white pattern is a fast and powerful impact.

The rest of the periphery of the Spain World Cup national team jersey, such as the collar, shoulders, and sides of the shirt, is in the colors of the Spanish flag. Combined with the professional team logo design, the beauty of the Spanish passion for football is perfect. The Mexican team looks spirited in their green uniforms. The jersey is decorated with red lines on the shoulders and sides of the waist, giving the garment a nice contrast and a very eye-catching look. The Mexican team is predominantly green with the wind god Serpent Pterodactyl painted on the chest. It is believed that with the help of the God of Life, the Mexican team can go far in the upcoming 2022 World Cup. The World Cup is not only a competition of sportsmanship and football skills but also an important opportunity for cultural exchange between countries. It is a great pleasure for fans to learn about the cultural customs of different countries and achieve cultural integration in such an event...

We offer a bespoke service

CJ POD offers and customizes World Cup soccer jerseys online, all World Cup football jerseys support custom sizes, colors, print-on-demand graphics, logos, numbers, names, etc. We have many designers ready to serve you, and we will incorporate your personalized design into the World Cup football jerseys to show your distinctive style. Sell your sports football jerseys on your behalf with our fast delivery, and low prices, and enjoy our excellent service.

Our company has developed a wide range of World Cup soccer jerseys which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These World Cup soccer jerseys are durable. You can consider our cost-effective products. Our company website is, please feel free to inquire about us!







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