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Customized Guide for Group Clothing of the Company's Staff

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Customized Guide for Group Clothing of the Company's Staff

From the beginning of group building, which focused on outdoor expansion and dinner gathering, to now, there have been many new and interesting ways of group building, such as tourism group building, variety show group building, adventure group building, etc. It can be said that the forms of group building are more and more rich, more and more innovative, and everyone's enthusiasm for group building will be even higher. At the same time, if the company's employees build uniform clothes, it will make the team more ceremonial and formal, and also can improve the enthusiasm of employees to participate. Next, CJ POD will introduce the group building group clothing customization.

Customized group clothing - style

Customized styles of team building group clothing are generally selected according to our seasons and activities. The more common styles are T-shirts and Polos in summer, and windbreaker in autumn and winter. These are very casual and versatile styles, which are also suitable for sports. If it is a group building for travel and outdoor adventure, CJ POD recommends customized jackets to better adapt to the outdoor environment.

Group building group clothing customization - manufacturer

Since there must be a large number of printed clothes for group building group clothing customization, the price of regular factories will be lower than that of agents in terms of cost, so it is reasonable to choose manufacturers to customize group clothing at a lower cost, while professional customization websites will have their own manufacturers, their own equipment and more guaranteed quality.

Group building group clothing customization - pattern

The pattern design of group clothing customization is also very important. Generally, some enterprises directly print their logos, which is also the simplest way. Some enterprises will redesign a pattern, which is also very meaningful. Professional group garment customization manufacturers will provide customers with free design, customize their own products according to the customer's corporate culture, and enhance the overall image of enterprise employees! In addition, CJ POD manufacturers also support on-demand printing of various patterns for your custom teamwear, single side and double side printing, so that the team has a more personalized corporate image.

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