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Advantages of Customized Personalized Team Clothing

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Advantages of Customized Personalized Team Clothing

As enterprises and employees become younger and younger, they are increasingly pursuing individuality and uniqueness when customizing. Enterprises are no longer satisfied with the unity of style and color for team clothing, and they print an enterprise logo; It is more inclined to integrate brand culture, corporate culture, team culture and individual personalized elements into team clothing.

In recent years, team clothing has become one of the most popular categories in clothing customization. Whether it is student gatherings, group building activities, staff uniforms, celebration parties, we will consider custom personalized team clothing to highlight different styles and images. The reason why enterprises are also keen on team clothing is that the most important thing is that the unified team clothing customization can help enterprises unify the image of employees internally, increase the cohesion of employees, and create a publicity business card externally to achieve the purpose of publicity and establish a good corporate image.

By customizing and printing the cultural information of your own brand, enterprise and team on the clothes, you should know that group customized clothes have strong plasticity. Direct printing of enterprise logo is the simplest form of customization, which is relatively cheap and convenient. What are the contents of team costume customization?

1. Uniform style and color

This is the earliest and most used customization method. Printing the same pattern and logo on clothes can achieve the effect of certain brand, enterprise and team culture publicity. Of course, the most important thing is that the customization cost is low.

2. Same style, different printing patterns

This customized form is very popular with young people of the post-90s and post-00s generation, who prefer individuality and expression of individuality. So when customizing, they will not choose the traditional custom trial, but choose the same style, but everyone's printed content and pattern are the same. However, the price of this customization is relatively high, and it is relatively suitable for high-end enterprises with a small number of people or teams with adequate budgets.

3. Same style, different colors

This kind of customization is more suitable for the group clothing needs of large enterprises, and colors are used to distinguish different departments or posts. The price of this kind of customization is not much different from that of ordinary customization. It is only necessary to consider the problem that enterprises need to print content colors when choosing colors, so as to avoid unclear printing.

4. Different styles, colors and contents

This form of customization is also more suitable for large enterprises' group clothing needs or enterprises with sufficient budget. The style design can be fully integrated into the enterprise culture, rather than just post printing, which can better reflect the uniqueness of customization. For example, sales posts use specially designed POLO shirts, so that sales personnel look more stable. For example, logistics posts use specially designed round neck T-shirts, and choose fabrics suitable for the type of work, Color, etc. This method has relatively high customization cost and relatively long customization time, and also has corresponding requirements for the initial order quantity.

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