About the Care of Pod Basketball Jerseys
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About the Care of Pod Basketball Jerseys

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About the Care of Pod Basketball Jerseys

A basketball jersey is a piece of clothing designed for basketball players. It includes sportswear such as shorts and jackets, and more generally, sports aids. These include basketball shoes, elbow pads, wrist pads, knee pads, headgear (headgear), and so on. Here's a look at how to take care of your pod basketball jerseys!

Here is the content list:

l The purchase and maintenance of clothing

l How to prevent students' school uniforms from fading

The purchase and maintenance of clothing

1. When buying non-iron clothing, smell pod basketball jerseys whether there is a strong irritating smell, or if you feel a mild burning sensation in the eyes, nose, and throat, most such clothes have excessive formaldehyde content and cannot be purchased.

2. just buy back the non-iron clothes, do not immediately hang them in the wardrobe, it is best to first use water for full rinsing before wearing, reduce pod basketball jerseys' formaldehyde content, but also to avoid the pollution of other clothes in the wardrobe.

3. when not wearing, should hang the non-iron clothes in the ventilation, especially do not wear non-iron clothes for a long time.

4. Those who are allergic to formaldehyde should not wear non-iron clothing. After wearing pod basketball jerseys, if skin itching, contact dermatitis and other skin allergic reactions or symptoms such as emotional upset, poor diet, and continuous coughing occur, consider whether the clothing is uncomfortable and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

How to prevent students' school uniforms from fading

1. Newly bought cotton vests and sweatshirts can be worn after being washed in boiling water, which is wearable and does not fade.

If the pod basketball jerseys are prone to fading when you wash them, soak them in cold, concentrated salt water for about 2 hours before washing them with soap and they will not fade easily.

3. To wash easily faded clothes, you can first put the clothes into salt water soak for about 30 minutes, and then wash them with water, and then wash according to the general washing method. This will prevent the pod basketball jerseys from fading, especially black or red clothes, the effect is more significant.

4. Pod basketball jerseys are prone to fading when washing, there is another way. The fact is that you can use herbal tea water to soak the jumper for 10 minutes, and then wash it according to the general washing method. After this method of washing, the jumper can not only wash clean, and will not fade, but also can extend the wearing years.

5. Fading of colored clothing due to improper washing will affect its beauty. Most of the dyes are easy to dissolve in water; dyes are also easy to fade under the action of sunlight in a humid state; dyes and fiber patterns that are not combined firmly enough will also fade when washed. Therefore, to make the pod basketball jerseys not fade. In addition, to should pay attention to washing, not in hot water, soapy water, or alkaline water for a long-time soak, do not use the washing board or brush scrubbing other than, when washing can be put in the water some salt, and then rinse clean, is also a good way to prevent pod basketball jerseys fading.

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